SoJ: Mardi Gras Party

Let the good times role

February is Mardi Gras month, and Society of Janus is inviting you all to a celebration of kinky revelry. If you like, wear a masks to add your mystery, adorn yourself with color and feathers, break out your best fetish wear, slide into those clothes you love to play in, don costumes such as fairies, animals, people from myths...whatever makes you feel comfortable and primed for fun (including wearing nothing at all). Meet new people, celebrate with your friends, and live out your favorite debaucherous, fun, or intense scenes. This is the perfect event for letting loose. We'll provide the venue, snacks and music. You just bring your toys, your creativity, your energy, and your awesome self.

$20 for SOJ Members, $25 for all others

Catalyst SF, a beautifully appointed space with unique features, will be the backdrop to your night, Bring your creativity, your energy, and your awesome self. We all bring our own unique energy to the community to make it the vibrant and fun place it is.

Society of Janus is and has always been an organization made up of the community and in service to the community. We are stronger for our diversity, including adults of all genders, orientations, colors, ethnicities, roles, and experience levels. We welcome all who have a genuine interest in kink and who respect each other's rights to self-expression, self-exploration, and authenticity. At each and every one of our events, we will strive to maintain and enforce a respectful and safe space for all attendees in celebration of this diversity, and expect the same from attendees.

To maintain a safe and welcoming environment, we a set of consent guidelines for all of our events. Read our consent and harassment guidelines at

New to Play Parties or the community in general? Join us before the party for the Dungeon Introduction and Etiquette program. This long running program will help you feel comfortable at and know what to expect when attending a play party.

Volunteering: As we get closer to the event, a volunteer thread will be posted on the SoJ Web site. Exchange one hour of your time for free entry.


Saturday February 08, 2020 at 08:00PM


Sunday February 09, 2020 at 01:00AM