Femme Fatale

Introducing The Alpha Academy

Femme Fatale is proud to introduce you to a new organization for femdoms: The Alpha Academy (https://fetlife.com/groups/195383/about)

The Alpha Academy is a guided female dominance series mentoring, supporting and developing Female Dominants with a 6-month mentor program, monthly discussion groups and personal dominance development.

The Alpha Academy will be bringing their copyrighted new FemDom Sorting Quiz! Find out what type of FemDom you are and which Female Dominance Series you can enroll in to develop those traits!

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale is the femdom-themed party at Catalyst.

This is the night for all women and non-binary people who love to top and those who love to bottom for them, to come out and mingle or play. While this event is primarily for dominant ladies and all submissives that play with them, we welcome everyone over the age of 18 who is willing to be respectful of this dynamic. The Hitchin Bitches leads (https://fetlife.com/users/4225909) will be hosting; let us know if you have any questions!

Fully equipped dungeon
Intimate cozy lounge for sensual play
Social area for mingling
Casual Corners with specific types of play
Perfect dungeon beats
Human Furniture Lounge
The Human Furniture Lounge will be facilitated by The Alpha Academy.

2nd Floor Rope Playshop
The upstairs will be a fun place to "learn the ropes"; facilitated by Rithm.

ThePurpleAnon (https://fetlife.com/users/2808367) will be the fantastic flashy florentine flogging facilitator at 10 PM. Talk to her to be flogged or learn some of the flogging secrets ;)

We appreciate help running the party! Volunteer for one shift for free entrance to the party by commenting in the volunteer thread. Sign-ups will be posted in the Bay Area Hitchin' Bitches group (https://fetlife.com/groups/77437) and overseen by The Alpha Academy. If you would like to DM and the host doesn't know you, please send a private message describing your experience in advance.

Secret Kinky Santa is stopping by Femme Fatale!
Sign up for free on Elfster for The Alpha Academy's Secret Kinky Santa Gift Exchange at Femme Fatale. It's totally optional, but you MUST be going to the party in order to participate.

SIGN UP FOR THE GIFT EXCHANGE at https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/4d211ca2-81d9-4a33-b10f-ccd5f768c70c/?join=ngqy

How it works:

Sign up for free on Elfster with whatever name and kinky email you want to use.
Join the group 'The Alpha Academy Secret Kinky Santa Gift Exchange' to be included automatically in future exchanges. (optional)
Make a wish list. (optional)
Get paired with someone (you won't know who got you) and find out what they want from their wish list.
Aim for no more than $25 value when picking out a gift.
Bring your wrapped Secret Kinky Santa gift to Femme Fatale . There will be a place clearly marked for the gifts.
At 10:30, find your gift and see what your Secret Kinky Santa brought you!
Both s-types and D-types are encouraged to join, this is not one sided where gifts only go to the D-types. It's a random draw, you don't know who you will be paired with. The exchange will happen at 10:30pm in the social area. Last day to RSVP is December 9th, that's when we pick the pairs!

Cost: $25 at the door (cash only)

Dress code: raunchy or classy, sexy and powerful, or whatever your favorite dungeon wear may be.


Saturday December 14, 2019 at 08:00PM


Sunday December 15, 2019 at 02:00AM