Twisted Hearts -- A Dark Valentine’s Masquerade Party

Twisted Hearts
“Dark Valentine’s Masquerade Party”

Cost: $25 (early bird) to $35 (general admission) - early online purchase saves money. Discounted $5 for current SoJ members

Dress code: Fetishwear, leather, PVC, sexy outfits, Nude, etc. No street clothes

Does gazing at your loved one through candlelight inspire thoughts of wax play instead of romantic dinners? Do you prefer to get spankings instead of flowers & chocolates as demonstrations of love and affection? If so then join us at Twisted Hearts Masquerade - the hottest, kinkiest event in the Bay Area on Valentine’s Day!

This party is for all types of relationship configurations and great for those who are single on Valentine's Day!

At Twisted Hearts you can:

Use icebreakers to help you meet new people and make new connections.
Play with experienced and friendly house tops including @MoneyCat and others to be announced.
Try out fire-play with our sampler station run by @Uncle
Take a dungeon intro and mini-class on consent by Anton Fulmen, author of "The Heart of Dominance: a Guide to Practicing Consensual Dominance". He will also be signing copies of his books.
Enjoy a decadent spread - and don't miss our chocolate fountain!
Enjoy the energy and mood set by captivating music.
Socialize and play in San Francisco's only not-for-profit dungeon, a well-appointed playspace with dedicated play and social areas.
So while others may celebrate Valentine's day in the usual cliched way, we will be throwing this Dark Valentine's masquerade party - Which we think will be way more fun!

The backdrop for Twisted Hearts will be Catalyst SF - a well equipped community space with unique features. Custom dungeon soundtracks will help set the mood. Bring your creativity, your energy, and your awesome self. This party is a perfect way to celebrate the beauty of love in our own twisted ways

New to Play Parties?
If you are new to play parties or the community, there will be a free introduction and orientation hosted by Anton Fulmen(@Sharp|Edges ) ahead of the party starting at 7:15pm. Attending this orientation may help you feel more comfortable, know what to expect and how to act when you attend play parties and other community events.

Everyone is Welcome!
This party is for adults of all gender identities, sexual orientations, relationship configurations, ethnicities, roles, and experience levels. This is a body-positive event. We expect all attendees to honor the diversity of our community, and will not tolerate behavior and language to the contrary at Twisted Hearts.

SF Catalyst
1060 Folsom Street,
San Francisco, CA 94103

Friday February 14th 2020, 8pm -1am

$20 (Early Bird), $30 (Presale), $35 (Late bird).
$35 at the door.
SoJ members: remember to bring your unexpired SoJ membership card to Twisted Hearts Dark Valentine's Masquerade to get your $5 discount at the door. If you prepay the general admission price to guarantee your space, show us your unexpired SoJ membership card when you arrive and you will get $5 cash back! Look out for special pricing for SoJ members at other community events.

Consent is Paramount
Part of our responsibility in fostering a consent culture is to provide some guidance to help prevent consent incidents from happening at our events.

Informed and voluntary consent is always required before play. The entire scope of any scene, including what parts of the body there may be contact with and the nature of such contact, should be negotiated prior to beginning any actual play.
People at our events come from different backgrounds and have vastly different life experiences. All attendees may expect to be treated by event staff and other attendees with respect irrespective of age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, body type, disability, etc.
People can expect that their persons and property shall not be touched without prior permission.
Attendees should not be addressed with any potentially offensive terms or violating words unless they have given prior permission to be addressed as such.
Each participant in a scene is responsible for making sure that everyone involved in the scene has the mental and emotional ability to give informed and voluntary consent for the scene. We consider people who are under the influence of substances, in subspace or otherwise not in a clear state of mind to be incapable of giving informed and voluntary consent.
While playing, players may not do anything that was not already explicitly agreed to.
Any participant in a scene has the right to withdraw consent at any time by means of an agreed-upon safeword, a non-verbal safe-sign or using the house safeword “SAFEWORD”. Once consent is withdrawn, all activity in the scene must stop.
Any consent concerns can be confidentially given to the hosts at the event, on Fetlife @-Diablo- or @Amande; or by email at [email protected].


Friday February 14, 2020 at 08:00PM


Saturday February 15, 2020 at 01:00AM