Bay Area Kink Party 6

Bay Area Kink Party 6
by Mia & Ren
Hey everyone! We’re back this month and guess what.. It’s Ren’s birthday month so y’all better show out! It’s a party!!

We have a special promotion going for you: IF YOU A SAGITTARIUS LIKE REN SAY “AAAYEEEE” Take a picture of your birthdate on your ID (or any form of identification with your birthdate) and send it to us at [email protected] to receive a special $10 off coupon that can only be used once. Your name must be identical on your ID and ticket purchase.

*This particular event will be limited to women and couples only. * There will be no single male tickets available.

This party is dedicated to- but not limited to- LGBTQ WOC.

Engaging in sexual activity is optional but NOT required. This event will take place in a safe space in a room full of adults 21 and over. Attending this event does not automatically assume consent between each party. If they don’t want you, walk away or we’ll ask you to leave. If asked to leave, you will be escorted out without a refund and will no longer be welcome to future events.

We will provide personal lubricant, male protection, hypoallergenic body wipes, and lysol wipes to clean up.

We're providing a very limited amount of couples tickets because as we've expressed, we want women to feel most comfortable. We are ensuring this by limiting the number of straight cis men.

Tickets must be purchased in advance:
Women's Ticket: (Trans, Cis, Non-binary): $20 plus Eventbrite fees
Couple's Ticket: $50 plus Eventbrite fees.

**** NO tickets will be sold at the door****

Everyone is who helping out is volunteering in support of what we are doing in creating a free, accepting, safe space for all LGBTQ of color.

LGBTQ and POC welcome!

ID is required- this is a 21 and over event (NO ID= NO ENTRY)


  • We can not stress this enough.. Again: Attending this event does not assume consent between each party. If asked to leave, you will not be allowed to return to future events.

  • Clean up your messes! You’re free to get as wild as you want but we’d appreciate not having to clean up after guests

  • Disinfectant wipes available

  • No hard drugs in public! No smoking. You will be asked to leave with no refund

  • Be respectful

  • No phones out! No pictures, without CONSENT. No matter how well you think you may know someone, ask for permission to photograph. Keep in mind that there are always individuals passing by, please be respectful of everyone's privacy. You will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

  • No BYOB

  • No smoking on grounds

  • We encourage everyone to bring items such as toys, lube, etc

  • In's and out's ok

  • Be kind

PLEASE NOTE: For this specific event, we are targeting young adults ages 21-40. The different events that we host all cater to different audiences but for this specific one, 21- 40 please.

Men will be only be able to gain entry with a couples ticket. BOTH individuals need to be present to gain entry with a couples ticket. No exceptions.

Limited parking, please consider ride share

Donations always appreciated so we can keep these events going for us all

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We are a monogamous lesbian couple residing in the Bay Area. We started these events because we’ve been to other clubs and events in the past, but have been disappointed by the lack diversity, actual sex appeal and- most importantly- women. We wanted to create an environment that we could feel comfortable in, a space dedicated to WOC, all different kinds of beautiful bodies, kinky people, queers! We hope that you will all feel comfortable in our spaces and the events that we create.

This party is dedicated to- but not limited to- LGBTQ WOC.


Tuesday November 20, 2018 at 09:00PM


Wednesday November 21, 2018 at 03:00AM